Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talisman Studios Accepted to 1oooMarkets!

The first time I wandered over to, I knew I wanted my shop represented there. Unfortunately, I had just signed on to, and had my hands more than full adding product to my new shop there.

Besides, I'd read that 1000Markets was still in beta, had not gone live, and was fairly unknown to the public. Still, I was impressed by their sophisticated look and decided to keep an eye on things.

I love Etsy - don't get me wrong. But the site does have some limitations that seem to cause issues. As I became more familiar with the inner workings and voices of sellers in the forums, I began to feel the urge to look at 1000Markets again. Doing so, I made a decision - get my shop up and running on both venues. Now.

And so, my work was accepted, and as of recently, you can find Talisman Studios at 1000Markets! I'm pleased with this decision and so far my experience at the venue has been very pleasant.

Of course, I've only begun adding product there - maintaining two shops online, along with all my other activities, is fairly time-consuming! But, little by little, both shops will be filled with wonderful vintage buttons turned hair accessory.

For now, both shops will carry the same type of goods, although I do not intend to add my Less Than 4 Dollars Category to the shop at 1000Markets.

It's my intention to develop the new shop as a higher end store in comparison the the Etsy shop. There are so many incredibly beautiful antique buttons that would have to retail in the $2 to $50(and higher!) range, were I to use them, and I have been delaying the step of acquiring them. I wanted to see what people were interested in before biting off such a luxurious morsel. I'll begin to bring in those pieces within the next few weeks, and continue with business as usual through Talisman

Another consideration has been the utilization of new buttons. While I do love the antiques, there certainly are some well made, and beautiful, buttons available in the wholesale/retail market. I'd love to begin offering them as options for bridal party accessories and other situations where a buyer is in need of several pieces of the same item. Perhaps even to sell as at wholesale to boutiques. Will my Etsy shop eventually transform to showcase this category, or will I add yet another venue? We'll just have to wait and see!

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  1. Congrats on the acceptance at 1k markets! I'm there too. It's a great venue.