Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come Plurk With Me?

In a sentence: Plurk is Twitter with a personality.

I have a Twitter account. So does my dog.... In fact, Teddy wants me to get off the line so he can Twitter all his followers and tell them to come Plurk with me. He says that it might help him keep me in line, when I see fellow dog's telling their owners "WALK ME!!!" He says I'll read their Plurks saying "Oup - Time for Fido's walk!" and...get a clue....

I screwed up my Twitter. It's a mix of my friends and business and I am pretty sure I've crossed the threshold of what the friends can endure on my business doings. You see - I have my animal care service. And a t-shirt shop that focuses on climbing(And, of course I have to plug ClimbAddict, now that I mention it!). When I decided to get my hair accessories on an Etsy shop, I knew it would be....too much.

And just when I was thinking "Uh ohhhh, what to do..." I found out about Plurk! I'd hotlink it, but then you won't get to be on my list when you click the link. And I DO want you to Plurk with me...So - See that sidebar conversation widget? Over on the right? Go over there - yes, now is fine with me; I'll be here when you get back - and click my profile and get connected. Because I want to read about your daily stuff too. We can brainstorm ideas. And stuff.

The interface of Plurk IS a little hard to understand at first. At least it was for me! It might be simply that I am...too old. A 45 trying to spin in an Ipod world.... So - what did I do? I went to ANOTHER of my finds - Squidoo!. That's exactly what I did! And I found a lens that explains everything about Plurking. Check out
Get Plurk-ed! The New Bite Sized Blog Site
once you've come on board and see for yourself.

This page tells you just what's possible with Plurk; here are some of the things you can do on Plurk:
~ add photos
~ boldface part of your post's text
~ add photos and embed videos
~ link to conversations and see replies in real time
~ customize your page with CSS

So....I'm Plurking with my Etsy shop, and leaving my Twitter for personal. I think my friends will be relieved...well, at least after I send them ONE last Twitter asking them to Plurk with me!
Esty Sellers - Scroll to the lower portion of this page to get links to helpful marketing/selling tool/informational sites sites.

Esty Shoppers - Scroll to the lower portion of this page to get links to blogs from Etsy sellers!

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